Arthritis, Sciatic nerve, Cramps, Anxiety and Pins & Needles

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Does tumeric help with arthritis?

1/4 (quarter) teaspoon recommended daily application, you can mix it with apple juice or with balsamic vinegar with salad dressing.

Problems with Sciatic nerve, what can I do?

Massage or physiotherapist can look at the muscles.

Need structured exercise must seek professional help.

Sit down, put hand down front on lap lift leg on weak side and you will be able to feel it. Do it 5 – 10 times a day to build up strength.

Suffering from cramps?

Magnesium supplements.

Keep well hydrated.

Stretch well before you exercise and massage well.

What to do with anxiety?

Get counselling.

Look at diet – get more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Magnesium can be good and lavendula.

Must seek professional help.

Pins and needles in heels what can I do?

Could be from walking on harder floors or different foot wear. Need full blood test. Compression tests, put water in hot and cold water 3-4 times a night.

Seek professional help.

Cramps in feet?

Magnesium supplements recommended by a pharmacist.

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