Cold sores, psoriasis and children’s diets

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Naturopath Sandi Rogers, CEO of the National College of Traditional Medicine, joins us every second Tuesday to answer your health questions.

Among our questions this week were cold sores, psoriasis, and a discussion of encouraging children to eat a healthy diet.

Sandi says a child’s tastebuds starts with their parents; their tastes will naturally reflect theor parents’, so if you’re thinking of starting a family, now is the time to make sure your diet is balanced and healthy so you can pass that on to your little ones. Sandi also recommends plenty of fresh, living food like fruit and vegetables for kids, and limiting processed foods.

Sandi says we still don’t really know what causes psoriasis, and once you have it, it tends to come back again and again. Flare ups are caused by stress and food sensitivities, which vary from person to person but coffee is a common trigger. Keep a diary tracking your diet, your stress levels, and the state of your psoriasis, and see what patterns start to emerge. Keeping your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturised and making sure you’re well hydrated is also helpful.

Cold sores are a sign of immune compromisation. While outbreaks can be addressed with topical treatments, Sandi says to really get to the bottom of the problem you need to nurse your immune system back to health with vitamin C, fresh fruit and veges, and healthy juices.


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