Dry skin remedies

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Bust out those woollies because the cooler weather is here, yes, even in Queensland the cooler temperatures can take their toll, especially on our skin.

Luckily our resident naturopath Sandi Rogers has a few recipes up her sleeve to help you out. She covers a wide range of topics from natural exfoliants and moisturizers, the truth about dairy products, sick 16 year olds, and shingles.

Follow these steps for nice, moisturized smooth skin:

Put some quality raw sugar in a jar, cover it with a good quality olive oil and top it off with a squeeze of citrus, such as juice from a lemon or an orange. Keep that jar in the shower and use it as an exfoliant.

Lightly pat yourself dry, so your skin is still slightly moist.

Follow this by moisturing with the following formula: 10 teaspoons of vegetable based sorbelene with 1 teaspoon of aloe vera jel (either from a tube or the plant), and one teaspoon of coconut oil mixed together. If your skin is not especially scaley and dry, leave the coconut oil out.


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