Flaxseed, fungus and a frozen shoulder

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Sandi told us today about her grandmother’s remedy for healing cuts and wounds. Sandi’s grandma, when working as nurse caring for WWII veterans, used to wipe out the clear gooey fluid that is found on the inside of egg and pat it on burns and cuts. Within a few days the sores would heal beautifully. For bigger wounds Sandi’s grandmother would break up egg shell and blend it with honey before smearing the wound with the mixture. Again the wound would heal magically.

Sandi looked into the properties of egg albumin in her practice. The albumin is full of protein and as such helps skin to heal well.

Today’s listeners had some curly questions for Sandi:

Q: Margret, Townsville: What’s your opinion of flax seed oil for general use?

A: It’s fantastic to stabilise hormones, great for dry skin, and a good digestive aid. It’s almost like a magical cure for everything. One tablespoon a day on cereal is a great way to get it down.

Q: Don, Cairns: An inexpensive cure for fungus under the toenails.

A: It’s a very difficult to treat because the hot, moist environment in shoes encourages the breeding of fungus under nail. I recommend you see a qualified podiatrist to cut your toenails back really short. Then at home you need to pour apple cider vinegar under nail, using a separate swab for each so you don’t spread the fungus.

Thuja ointment can also be applied and make sure you keep your socks really clean and dry, put them in the microwave if you have to!

Q: Gladys, Bundaberg: My husband’s been suffering from frozen shoulder.

A: Frozen shoulder tends to run its course. The best things is to get a qualified massage practitioner to massage the shoulder. You need someone with a diploma of massage. They’ll give you a range of stretches to avoid the capsule adhering and to loosen it. Also, visit your health food and pick up a magnesium tablet that contains all four types of magnesium in the one tablet. Staff will be able to help you.

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