Hayfever and itchy skin

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Is the cooler weather making your skin dry and itchy? Naturopath Sandi Rogers, CEO of the National College of Traditional Medicine, has a recipe for an itch-soothing homemade moisturiser which could help:

Gather several handfuls of stinging nettles (using gloves). Cover with boiling water, and steep for 20 minutes. Strain, and thoroughly mix the liquid into vegetable sorbolene.

Maybe it’s hayfever that’s causing you trouble? That’s the case for Pam’s daughter, so Pam dropped us a line to see what Sandi could recommend to help.

Sandi’s advice is an orange peel tea: peel an orange carefully, taking only the orange zest and leaving the pith.

Option 1: Dry the peel in the oven on a low heat, chop the dried peel and add it to black tea. Drink with honey.

Option 2: Steep the fresh peel in boiling water, and drink with honey.


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