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Sandi Rogers, CEO of the National College of Traditional Medicine, says viruses are a problem everywhere and no one is missing out!

“They all seem to be affecting the mucus membrane of the nasal passage or the throat.”

Sandi’s go to remedy has changed a little since it was last posted online to combat this new combination of head colds and chest.

Steep three teabags in 500ml of boiling water – let that draw, you want it to be nice and black

Finley slice half an orange with the peel on – remove the tea bags and add the orange

Add in half a lemon with the peel on, finely sliced

Two tablespoons of grated fresh ginger

A few peppermint or mint leaves (a small handful or a couple of tablespoons)

Then add in some honey

Allow that time to infuse

Make sure you get a little of the solids in the cup because it’s good to chew the orange, ginger, mint etc

Drink up to three cups per day – and make sure you eat the peel and the fruit!


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