My Bloody Big Toe is Killing Me!

Sandi Rogers ABC Radio 0 Comments

Could it be gout? First of all check with your doctor that it is gout.

Then try some of these helpful hints.

1. Stop eating offal, rich foods, shellfish and fatty fish.
2. Make sure you are well hydrated. It is common to see people with gout not drinking enough water.
3. Increase eating alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, cherries (have cherry juice if not available), figs and cauliflower.
4. Apply a cabbage poultice (not for the faint hearted as the toe may be quite painful) but the poultice may help settle the pain. Apply a crushed leaf of cabbage to the area and bandage on. Leave on for a few hours but if too painful remove.
5. Take celery seed capsules.
6. Buy meadowsweet and yarrow as dried herbs and have as a tea. Your health food store will help here

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