Nutrition for sinusitis and cancer treatment

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Director of the National College of Traditional Medicine, Sandi Rogers, says sinusitis is proving to be really bad this year.

But while it may sound old fashioned, she says Horseradish is a wonderful plant you can use.

“We really do need to get people back into growing horseradish and eating it because that’s one of the best things you could possibly have for sinusitis.”

She also assures me it’s very tasty!

“It’s more of a spice than a heat, not like a curry.

“It has a bit of a twang to it, but you can have small amounts and mix it with some low-fat mayonnaise and have it as a spread.

“If you don’t like the spiciness of it, just have the very small roots that grow on it to start with or if you like it quite spicy, have the thicker roots.

“The old fashioned thing was having roast beef and horseradish because it tenderised the meat.”

Sandi says it’s very, very easy to grow your own horseradish.

“My father used to tell us when we were kids, ‘You dig a hole, put horse manure in the bottom then plant the horseradish and it will grow all the way to China!'”

But it is important to get a good quality plant because it grows profusely.

Sandi recommends a nice way to eat it is to have a leafy green salad and sprinkle freshly grated horseradish through the salad.

“It really does clear the sinus passages.”

To settle the mucus membranes and make you more comfortable Sandi says hot and cold compresses across the eyes and face should help.

Alternate a couple of times between a hot face washer and a cool one, leaving each across your face for a couple of minutes,

Sandi also spoke to us about staying healthy while undergoing cancer treatment and you can listen to the audio.


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