Rosacea, increasing breast milk production and shingles

Sandi Rogers ABC Radio 0 Comments

Sandi Rogers is the Director of the National College of Traditional Medicine and every two weeks she joins us with advice for health issues.  The general advice for this week:


Sandi says to avoid spicy food like chilli and even pepper.  Avoid strong exfoliants, use witch hazel instead to clean your face.  For a topical treatment make up a cream of 1 part paw paw ointment with 1 part mashed avocado and apply this to your face after cleaning.  Keep doing this for several weeks to see some effects.

Increasing breast milk production:

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and drink fenugreek and red raspberry leaf tea 3 – 5 cups a day.  Sandi says you’ll see great results.


Sandi says firstly you need to get hold of some high powered vitamin B and magnesium.  You can also apply lavendar oil topically, but make sure you’re wearing gloves when you do it.

Make sure you’re eating lots of leafy greens, fruits and nuts and of course drink lots of water!

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