Tennis elbow and bakers cyst remedy

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Remedy for tennis elbow/bakers cyst

Electric soda or Epsom salt wrap and castor oil.

If there is a lot of fluid around the area use electric soda or Epsom salt powdered down. Put on to a cloth and wrap around the area.  That will draw the fluid out. The salt will be really dry the next morning. Once the moisture is out, use castor oil by getting a swab of cotton wool putting castor oil on it and wrapping it around the area. Putting glad wrap over the area and sealing it in. Leave overnight. Repeat until you get comfort.

Carpal Tunnel

If you take preventative measures early on, surgery may be avoided.

Use electric soda or Epsom salt around the wrist at night first then using castor oil.

Run the wrist under cold water 3-4 times a day.

Massage the palms of hand deeply up to the wrist three to four fives a day.

This can help avoid tendon damage.

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