Treatment for dandruff, acid mantle and itchy scalp

Sandi Rogers ABC Radio 0 Comments

Sandi is a naturopath and the Director of the National College of Traditional Medicine.

Here is the recipe for Sandi Rogers’ treatments for dandruff, acid mantle and itchy scalp.

For dandruff: Wash hair with baby shampoo then rinse with (1/2 a teacup of Apple Cider Vinegar in one litre of water).

For acid mantle: Use 1 teaspoon of good quality egg mayonnaise and leave it in the hair like you would a conditioner. Then rinse with the Apple Cider Vinegar (as per recipe above).

For dry and itchy scalp along with the dandruff or acid mantle: Massage coconut oil or copha straight into the scalp and leave it one for about an hour. Then wash the hair.


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