10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

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Mental health is so important. The struggle for sufferers is that they can look OK on the outside, yet feel terrible on the inside and few people understand. You see the reason for this is that mental illness is not visible, not like a broken leg or a major virus. These can be seen and clearly understood.

Many things can be done to improve your mental health, and the following subtle suggestions may, in fact, change your life. Accumulated they have proven to help people turn their life around.

  1. Draw a line in the sand and make a conscious choice not to look back but move forward from this point in time.
  2. Remove destructive words from your vocabulary such as try, but and have to.
  3. Add into your consciousness that you have more choices in every aspect of your life. Decide to choose how you think and behave.
  4. Remove bad habits one at a time by writing all the bad habits down and work through them slowly changing one at a time.
  5. Replace bad habits with good habits as you work through your list.
  6. Purchase a small round fish bowl and two different coloured table tennis balls. Have one colour designated to negative emotions and the other colour to positive emotions. When a negative thought arises, write that on the negative colour and immediately choose a positive alternative and write on the positive colour, replacing the negative. Now keep that positive ball with you and keep choosing that emotion. For example, you are angry, write angry on the negative and choose happy and write that on the positive. You have taken the first step in making and working on conscious choices. As anger arises tell yourself, you are happy. You have the power to make these decisions.
  7. STOP reacting and put my 4 point plan into action. The plan is to STOP, THINK, PLAN and then and only then ACT as you select conscious choices. It is common for people to want to act, to DO something, yet many mistakes can be made by not stopping, thinking and choosing a plan and then put it into action. By working on this point, your life can literally change for the positive as you start to make conscious choices about how YOUR life is going to be, not how it is when you are on automatic pilot.
  8. Remove blaming others for what your life is and take control as it is YOUR life YOUR journey.
  9. You have 86.400 seconds each and every day, and when each second is gone you never get it back. Choose to get the best out of each second as your life ticks by. To make this point you could buy a metronome and let it tick at 60 beats and watch it; with each tick there flies your life. Embrace each and every moment as if it were your last and make each second count.
  10. Ensure you are balanced nutritionally by reducing highly processed foods from the diet and adding fresh fruits and vegetables and high protein low-fat foods and ensuring you are well hydrated as it takes good quality fuel to power the body to assist mental wellbeing.

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