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bananas-1642700_960_720OK, hands up all of you who are currently experiencing low energy? You know, the type of low energy that sees you looking for a coffee or doughnut lift between 2 pm and 4 pm? Oh, and of course it’s linked to the fact is you also wake between 2 am and 4 am, right?

At my talks, the number of people who raise their hands is amazing. What is even more amazing, when they apply the following simple tips, a significant in number report back, with genuine surprise, of how much more energy they have.

So let us get on with the tips before you fall asleep on me. Well, not ON me but you know what I mean.

First and foremost you have to remove highly processed foods from your diet; immediately. You see sugar, as an example will give you a lift, like when you have your coffee and doughnut, or similar, yet you find yourself even more tired within a short space of time. Foods such as sugar, white flour products, and fatty, greasy takeaway are energy draining.

Now the bad news is out in the open let us see what we can add to lift that energy.

Increase proteins in the form of high protein low-fat foods. Trust me; there are many. Take these across the day starting at breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as this will supply fuel and building blocks for the body.

Hydrate well by sipping water across the day

Have an apple or a banana at the 2 – 4 pm slump as they are great for an energy boost and have lots of minerals and vitamins.

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