How To Naturally Reduce Cholesterol Levels

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yoga-1434787_960_720How confused are you with the cholesterol debate?

I have clients and people at my talks who tell me their cholesterol is 7 mmol/L (high risk) and ask what can they do about it. This is where the confusion about cholesterol lies.

Now gather your friends, family and neighbours and anyone else who will listen and share this information.

The total number has to be evaluated and assessed and broken down into parts. The names to look at are LDL, triglycerides and HDL.

Now let us look for the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good guy is HDL, and if you exercise you may find that this one is on the higher side, this is good. The remaining LDL and triglycerides must be kept under control and may be managed with changes in diet AND exercise.

Too often drugs in the form of statins are offered carrying with them certain side-effects. Of course, you may need to take them to get the body back in order, but the longer you are on them, the less benefit they may have. Many people go for the pill and keep an appalling diet, while others are prepared to try changing and getting cholesterol under control.

What will increase your cholesterol is bad fats. White flour products, sugar and stress all play a role, especially when you have little to no exercise in your routine. So start with small steps. Any exercise will do. A little is better than none.

Make small changes to your diet by removing bad foods and replacing with good foods. Apples are great to help reduce cholesterol. You can also try adding more fibre rich foods into the diet. Increase water significantly as you increase fibre.

With all of our common conditions, there are hundreds of excellent treatments. The ones offered here are a starting point. Be inspired and excited about the wonderful healing ability of natural medicine.

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