A Simple Way to Remove Stress Forever.

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stone-984483_960_720Stress is all in your mind, yet it can cause havoc! Let us unite, ban the word and take control. Get all your friends to join my campaign – this is a revolution!

I’ve been sharing this information at talks, conferences, and seminars and it has made a positive difference to many people’s lives. So let me share a simple point to remove stress forever.

OK, folks. How many times in the last seven days have you made this statement, “I am so stressed’? Life, work, relationships and all the other stuff that goes on in our lives finds many people saying they are stressed. Are they? I do not think so. Using “stress” as a word to describe how you are feeling blocks you from finding constructive solutions to whatever the negative stimulus is.

Let me explain as I can hear some of you yelling, “I am stressed, really stressed’.

OK, I hear you, but let us remove the word and seek an alternative. Instead of saying ‘I am stressed’ to describe as the emotion you’re feeling, select an alternative word.

Take time to really assess what the situation is that has caused you to think this way. Look at it objectively and evaluate what it is you are really feeling. Go through your feelings. You may be disappointed, sad, angry, confronted. Define what you are really feeling and then deal with that. Now you are in the world of reality.

Another blog will deal with how to manage these negative emotions but let us kick stress out of your vocabulary first and foremost. From today never use that word again, go on give it a go and see how life can change.

You have choices, and by consciously choosing alternative emotions you can get rid of the word stress forever. It is very liberating.

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