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Top 10 tips to win the battle this winter

Take control of your immune system and fight off ills and chills, naturally and effectively with my top 10 recommendations. Food is very effective as medicine and when analysed for nutritional and healing elements, good quality food never comes up short. For 40,000 years foods and herbs were the mainstay that kept communities alive and […]

Revive your skin

STOP wasting YOUR hard-earned money on jars of creams, lotions and the latest FAD product before following  4 basic steps to revive your skin Coming in as the largest organ of the body in size and weight, the skin is often mistreated as treatments are applied are often topical which totally misses the mark. The […]

Folk and Food Remedies to help the skin flourish

The skin is so important and being such a big organ it requires a well thought out diet, however this has not got to be complicated as folk remedies and foods come together to offer healing benefits. The following list is not exhaustive yet will provide many products to choose from to either start the […]

Why your immune system requires 3 Stress Buster tips

There is that word again – stress! We hear it so often. It is in such common use yet do we really know what it is and more importantly what it does to our well-being? Should we even have that word in the English language? Let us unite, ban the word and take control. The […]

Leave the children’s immune systems alone

In this day and age many children are taking pills and potions for their immune system; however, I argue that we are seeing more and more evidence of weak immune systems because some very basic rules are not being followed. Over 3 decades of unbroken clinical experience leads me to write this blog in the […]

Where have all our instincts gone?

Our natural healing instincts are elusive as we are exposed to so many products; bombarded with man-made laboratory treatments in the form of pills and potions. The latest and greatest pill that promises much and delivers little is sold by the thousands as the human race struggles with so many conditions that are common and […]

Working together in harmony for the better good of the patient

Thank goodness natural medicine bashing has almost come to an end; I say almost as there are still people out there willing to trash 40 thousand years of empirical evidence and think that modern day medicine has all the answers. The truth actually lies somewhere in the middle. As a natural medicine practitioner with over […]

Fact or fiction Toxins?

Some claim that any reference to trying to decrease toxins in the human body is a natural medicine myth and is scoffed at while other groups welcome the support of many products to assist the detoxifying process of the body organs and systems, these are: Liver Kidneys Intestines Respiratory tract Skin Lymphatic system Specific to […]

3 letters, 2 words can make a lot of difference to how you feel!

Words are so powerful aren’t they? We react to words each and every day. We interpret what people say either in the negative or in the positive. One common word is stress and so often used by so many. My mission is to actually have the word stress removed from the English language and only […]

Hair, Scalp and Skin – Folk medicine to the rescue!

Hair, scalp and skin conditions keep natural medicine practitioners busy as it is these presentations that many people suffer from. Fortunately mother nature provides healing remedies in the form of plant medicines and blended with a few additional products you may find comfort. Common presentations are dry hair, scaly scalp, dandruff and irritated skin conditions […]