Head lice

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100mls of baby shampoo 10 drops thyme oil 10 drops lavender oil Mix all together rub through the hair and comb through. Wash hard with the shampoo formula. Repeat as needed.

Cracked fingers

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Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil a day. Combine vegetable Sorbalene and copha equal parts and apply to the fingers. Check health food shop and see if they have any chickweed ointment as this is excellent.

Immune tea

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Prepare for winter by drinking a tea that helps the immune system. Immune tea formula: 500mls of strong black tea Add 1 lemon finely sliced (plus peel) 1/2 orange finely sliced (plus peel) 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger Allow to steep and drink warm over the day. Reheat by adding a small amount of hot water This tea is excellent …

Lingering coughs and flu can be conquered

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Over the past few months many people in the community are struggling with a nagging and lingering cough as a ‘hang-over’ from the many viruses we have been exposed to. Many complain that they have ‘tried everything’ and the irritating and debilitating cough is still there. They feel ‘run down and listless’. These coughs disturb sleep patterns and ultimately this …