Immune tea

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Prepare for winter by drinking a tea that helps the immune system.

Immune tea formula:
500mls of strong black tea
Add 1 lemon finely sliced (plus peel)
1/2 orange finely sliced (plus peel)
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
Allow to steep and drink warm over the day.
Reheat by adding a small amount of hot water

This tea is excellent for the immune system and is a natural detoxifier. Clients rave about it. In the clinic we have been recommending this tea for over 2 decades with impressive results. The above tea is excellent for larnygitis, just add a pinch of black pepper

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  1. Your immune tea has worked a treat, yet again. Daughter came up for my birthday, lovely gifts, except for the cold. Woke up with cold at 12:30 AM, Tuesday. Started on tea, phlegm produced without coughing, with only rare sneezes. All symptoms completely gone, when I woke up on the Thursday morning. Only thing noticeable during those 2 days was the indulgent stupifying effects of the cold, with a slight tingling effect at back of nasal passage. I’ve told friends and family how good this brew is, but getting them to keep on it, is the hard part. I’ve found it’s best to keep drinking the brew, for 2 days after symptoms have gone, or it comes back. Thanks Sandi!

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