Lingering coughs and flu can be conquered

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Over the past few months many people in the community are struggling with a nagging and lingering cough as a ‘hang-over’ from the many viruses we have been exposed to. Many complain that they have ‘tried everything’ and the irritating and debilitating cough is still there.

They feel ‘run down and listless’. These coughs disturb sleep patterns and ultimately this will affect day to day wellbeing. Not only do we have the cough, we are tired and getting weaker due to broken sleep. Sound familiar?

In a busy natural therapies practice this presentation is common and on the increase. Fortunately there are many herbal and home remedies that may provide support to overcome this condition and offer treatment for your struggling immune system.

The following list is a combination of the best herbals and foods, that when combined, provide a sound framework for your immune system to respond and bring you back to recovery, but first some very basic yet overlooked recommendations.

Step oneRest

Often we continue to go to work and do all the things we are used to doing and do not provide the body an opportunity to
recover. Rest is a very basic yet powerful treatment. A certain amount of energy is needed to recover and a short rest may significantly reduce the recovery time.

Step two

Ensure you are well hydrated. Simply sipping warm water throughout the day will assist the hydration factor. Cold water may irritate the membranes and not be conducive to overcoming an irritated cough, while warm water is more soothing.

Step three

Select healing foods that offer a broad range of therapeutic benefits. Often we choose a combination of mineral and vitamin
tablets and find there is little or no improvement. This maybe attributed to the fact you are having difficulty breaking them down. Foods are easier to assimilate and offer excellent health benefits.

The following juices are excellent tonics to help in the recovery process.

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  1. Could you please tell me which honey you recommend to use in the remedy with garlic that was featured on Vasili’s garden show that aired on last nights program (19/10/16) (I think it was a repeat) for mucus and bronchitis and how long to leave it in the fridge. My mother has had bronchitis and mucus for the last 6 weeks which she just cannot get rid of. She was watching the show and hoped to give your remedy a go.

  2. My ears also pricked up with your honey and onion remedy for relieving mucus.
    You said it didn’t need to be kept in fridge but how long can it be kept for out of the fridge for?
    How often through the day do you take the teaspoonful of liquid?

    I have already made it up my first batch! couldn’t wait to try it. I went and bought some beautiful fresh Yellow box honey from the health shop( which isn’t watered down) as suggested. Thanks

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