Relieve Constipation with Natural Remedies

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bottle-480119_960_720Constipation is a condition that many people have. When I call for a show of hands at my talks, asking who suffers from this common and very uncomfortable condition, not many put their hands up. However, when I start providing solutions, a lot of people start writing; of course, it’s always for their neighbour, friend, or partner, isn’t it?

Folks, we can die as toxins in the bowel cause havoc across our entire body. So it’s important that we have a conversation about our bowel activity. I could write an entire book can about constipation but let’s start with some simple steps to follow to assist the bowel to perform better.

Hydration, yes again, hydration is essential. If you are dehydrated then it is like trying to flush a dry toilet; get the picture? So sip that water each and every day.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and include a pear that is ripe enough to eat off a spoon. Eat grated apple + peel with a dash of lemon juice to assist assimilation and activate the eliminatory pathway. One tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 50mls of water at bedtime

These few simple steps may aid the bowel to perform better. However, you must be patient as it can take some time to balance depending on how long you have had the condition.

With all of our common conditions, there are hundreds of excellent treatments. The ones offered here are a starting point. Be inspired and excited about the wonderful healing ability of natural medicine.

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