Dr Sandi Rogers – Speaker with a difference!

Here are just some of the topics that Sandi Rogers presents to audiences worldwide. Call 0411047821 to book Sandi as your guest speaker. Short presentations to full day seminars to keynote addresses are available. A talk can be tailor-made to suit your needs. 

Well-being for over 55s

As we age many changes take place and these changes can be significant from a decline in energy, dry and aging skin, hormonal shifts, increase  in blood pressure and many more, of which I will not go on about and depress you. It is important to know that there are solutions and you can have a sense of well-being even as you age. Men and women value the information offered in this talk and best of all does not require costly pills and potions and that is a bonus.

My life as a Prison Officer
I spent over twelve years in an all-male maximum- security prison as a female prison officer. Highlights from this amazing part of my life are covered in this talk and open and frank responses will be offered at question time.

Don’t play the stress game
That word strikes fear into the hearts of most. You do not have to play the game and this presentation shows you how to opt out of this habit-forming exercise. How to make choices and steer away from stress is an option and achievable. Motivational talk encased in humour and honesty makes this a most sought topic for workplaces and clubs.

Keeping your hormones happy – for women and men. Hormones are poorly understood.
Poor hormones are often victimised. This talk vindicates the hormones and introduces the benefits of keeping them healthy and happy. Women and men are relieved and surprised at just how easy it is to rein in those out of control hormones through a fun and  informative talk.

Keeping your hormones happy – menopause made easy 
Oh really I can hear you say particularly if you are one of the many women struggling with hot flushes, low libido, emotional mood swings where your family want to divorce you and insomnia to name a few of the more common conditions. By following some steps offered in this talk you can control your hormones and it is not too complicated. Womens groups find this a most valuable talk as it assists so many women find solutions. Short talk to a 1 day seminar is offered.

Natural therapies for common conditions
This is a very popular talk where common conditions are discussed in a clear manner and many therapies are explained and offered to manage them. Starting at the head and finishing at the toes Sandi entertains her audience with her trademark humour linked with down to earth easy to follow information. Short talk to a 1 day seminar.

Winter health
‘Prepare for winter’ is a stimulating talk where common foods enter the discussion and scientific rationality is explained to confirm their use as powerful medicines. Learn how to save many dollars as foods, more often than not, are a cheaper and more viable alternative to over-the-counter medicines. The information offered in this talk will surely prove to help your Immune system fight of those pesky bugs.

Make change in your life without the stress
How many times do you say you want to change but after a very short time you fall back into your old habits? I can explain why this is so and teach you how to break the habit and enter into change with excitement and enthusiasm. We will add a bit of humour to help address this subject and old habits will fly out the window.

Why an apple is one of the most powerful medicines
Apples are truly a powerful medicine. I’ll take you on a journey of discovery that is both fascinating and enlightening. The apple will never be seen in the same light again. On this subject I could talk for days about this wonderful medicine and people rave about the health benefits as they consume more apples.

Body swerve away from depression
Depression is heading towards epidemic proportions in our world today, but what is it? I will discuss in frank and open terms the problems faced when medication is used to suppress the feelings of depression and stalls the healing process. Often a change in attitude together with a supportive and caring team and a change of environment can be the start of something new and exciting. It is all in the perception. Humour and an honest evaluation of the process form the foundations of this talk.

Fruit and vegetables as medicine
I will introduce fruits and vegetables as powerful medicines and not simply as healthy foods but powerful medicines. Combining several products together can form healthy and effective prescriptions. Many common conditions are detailed in one of my most popular presentations and welcome lots of questions from the audience. There is more healing in a fruit and vegetables store than any pharmacy.

Massage IS more than relaxation
Massage is becoming far more popular as people feel the need for therapeutic touch. Research confirms the effectiveness of massage and touch therapies. This presentation shows not only how effective massage can be as a relaxation tool but also addresses its effectiveness for the management of many common conditions from support of the cardiovascular system to the management of reproductive conditions.

Feet fabulous feet-They must be fit as they are the foundation to well=being
Often overlooked, until they start to hurt us. Feet are debated as powerful healing agents and their role is introduced as being of absolute importance to health and well-being. Type of footwear is discussed in relationship to health and well-being in this informative, fun and educational talk. Your fet may be the reason you have a sore back!

How to stay looking young without spending a fortune-in fact the product is FREE
No clues are given here. People who attend are excited by the possibilities as research is offered to validate the claims. This one will keep you guessing right up until the very end.

Managing seasonal changes – how to maintain well-being
Is it health or well-being we are after? This talk addresses this question in an informative and humorous way. After all is said and done, how can health be the answer if we are all living in a decaying body?. So have fun, be well and above all be happy.

The difference between first and last on the race course “Is massage quackery or a powerful healing tool?”

I will show that horse massage is a powerful healing tool. Audiences are excited with the possibilities horse massage offers their working or pleasure horses. Great talk for clubs.

Herbal medicine for horses – old fashioned and ineffective, or powerful healing remedies?

Herbal medicine has stood the test of time for more than 40 thousand years give or  take a few, A select range of herbs will be offered and discussed as the powerful healing medicines they are.

Household remedies – did grandma really know best?
The subject of one of my books was to look at household remedies as I found them to prove to be very effective in my clinic. Take a journey into the past to see how cmmonly available remedies can offer significant health benefits. Covering many conditions and offering exciting solutions is a great subject and one that  offers lots of discussion.

Heart Health

Drawing on the use of natural medicine and linking foods as medicine this talk offers solutions to many of the conditions that affect the heart. What to eat, what to avoid, how to exercise and it only takes 15 minutes a day, how to breathe is covered in this talk. Getting the right balance, working with your medical team and a natural medicine practitioner can produce astounding results.

Loosen up even with arthritis – old remedies but goodies 

Sufferers of arthritis complain of pain, reduced mobility and a general feeling of stiffness. Linked with these symptoms many also complain a loss of energy and a change in personality. Old remedies are discussed and linked modern medicine and the combination can be the difference between getting a feeling of having life back or being stuck in this rut. Foods to avoid, foods to add, what exercise is best to loosen up and relevant for all ages.

Cholesterol lowering products that do not cost a fortune

Well the confusion that is out there when it comes to cholesterol is fascinating and perhaps this is why a talk that cuts to the chase and describes what cholesterol is, how to read those pesky numbers and understand what they actually mean has helped it to be in the top five talks. By adding some good old fashioned remedies to take control of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of cholesterol helps you take charge of your well-being.

How to survive retirement as a couple – what the financial advisors didn’t tell you

As couples reach retirement age many aspects of their life changes. One major change is couples lead lives that are very different to when one or both go off to work and are not in each others pockets. Big changes, big stress. This talk uncovers the frustration many feel and solutions are offered in a fun and supportive way allowing couples to re-assess and move on and enjoy retirement. The groups who have booked this talk found it to be enlightening, informative and could have a laugh about the changes they were experiencing.