3 basic rules to get more clients in natural medicine

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Natural medicine practitioners are great at what they do yet  often struggle to get enough clients.

So many great natural medicine practitioners are out there helping communities with their well-being recovery issues, yet struggle to make a living in business and do not have enough clients.  Of course their focus is on helping and supporting others while they overlook the need to charge enough for each consultation, have enough clients to pay their bills and actually have enough money left over to pay their super and have a holiday, which are cornerstones to a vibrant business.

Natural Medicine Businesses can be challenging yet the 3 basic principles are:

  1. have enough people to use your services as a natural medicine practitioner
  2. charge them enough to cover outgoings and have enough left over for holidays and savings
  3. provide outstanding service and have them refer to you and return as faithful customers

So let me explain further how to get more clients. In point one, which by the way is the very foundation to success in business, you need to really have a think about who your ideal client is. Have a vision about everything you can think about them. Are you struggling with this? Well if you have clients already then brek down as much about them as you can and work from there. You will start to see some key points to help.

OK for the folks who do not have any clients yet, I hear you. What are your interests? What do you like to do? Starting with you, you can start to uncover the the of folks who will be attracted to you as their practitioner.

Now comes the big one: how much to charge? Do not, let me repeat, do not phone around to assess what other practitioners are charging. You need to determine what you outgoings are and what YOU need to make. Work from there and then assess the number of clients you need to charge the amount. Now we are starting to have a plan.

The final stage is what most practitioners are already doing; a fantastic job by offering quality and personalised service so that is the easy one.

If you need more assistance please visit the Folk Medicine Revival Academy through the link below as I have written a fully on line course that is designed to help you. The course is jam-packed with information.


Until next time find happiness in every moment

Dr Sandi Rogers ED.D., N.D


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