Wellbeing: 5 Inexpensive Ways to Achieve it!

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woman-570883_960_720The following powerful, yet simple tips help break the myth that it is expensive to achieve a sense wellbeing. Nothing should be complicated when it comes to wellbeing. It is attainable even if you have been diagnosed with complex conditions.

Follow these 5 tips and assess the outcome.

  1. Attitude is the foundation, as a positive attitude ‘sets the scene’ in achieving a sense of wellbeing. I know it sounds like a cliché yet it is not too difficult so long as you can adopt a moment by moment mindset and live in the now. Think about how much of your day is spent either thinking about what was or what might happen. Make conscious choices to live moment by moment and get the very best out of the life you have to live.
  2. Be well hydrated. Sip water across the day and allow it to absorb. The slower and more often you drink the better you will feel. Often I am asked how much water should I drink? A good rule of thumb is about 30mls per kilo of body weight unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.
  3. Avoid sugar and highly processed foods as they will slow you down. They are well-being killers so avoid them at all cost.
  4. Increase fresh foods where man has not tampered. The more we humans interfere with fresh food, the worse it is for you. There is more healing in a fruit shop than there is in any pharmacy and that includes my herbal dispensary.
  5. Increase low fat proteins in the diet and start the day with a good protein breakfast. Maybe start with a boiled egg or an omelette, maybe baked beans on toast, mushrooms or a combination of high-quality low-fat protein.

These suggestions are the first steps to take to achieve a sense of wellbeing recovery.

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