Finding happiness in every moment

Attention stress heads, worriers, jumbled brains and everyone who wants to have a great life and be loose as a goose—24/7—86,400 seconds each and every day

Your Life Your Journey—The course that can Change Your Life, for the better, FOREVER

Your Life Your Journey is THE course not to MISS

Oh my goodness I NEED to change but do not know HOW.
Life has to be better!

Bookings are essential. Phone 9312 5573 or email Payment by credit card or direct debit. Our friendly team will assist you.

I have seen the most stressed, uptight, jumbled brain people become relaxed and calm, meditating and focused, using mindfulness practice like a highly evolved monk—YOU CAN TOO!

Your Life Your Journey is a course of discovery; a course designed for YOU to discover YOU where YOU make choiuces with a different mind set.

You will be encouraged to actually change your mind and CHOOSE a life You want to have.

No longer being pulled form pillar to post; you will make decisions that are FOR the BETTER GOOD, to VALUE ADD to YOUR life.

Sounds too good to be true? Well let me assure you it can be done; I guarantee it.

My guarantee
If you do not feel after the first session that the program well not help you I will refund you the total amount, no questions, no problem, no worries.

You see I want everyone who attends my course to get value. My wish for all who attend is for each participant to have a better life, a better journey.

We will have fun and …

There are many subjects covered. Some are:

  • Mindfulness meditation. Learn how meditation is more than relaxation
  • Making changes, easily and have the life YOU choose
  • Never be stressed again, unless you want to be
  • Foods as Medicine for a busy lifestyle
  • Feed your body to achieve calm
  • Change your mind about life—right now
  • Learn how a tennis and table tennis ball can change your thinking
  • What si the most important gland in the body and how it can add years to your life by looking after it
  • Mindfulness walking
  • Mindfulness supper
  • Let go of judgments
  • Learn a fun strategy to let go of judgments
  • Learn how letting go can release you from the stress trap
  • Know why stress is not what you think it is
  • + anything you would like addressed as it is all aboutYOU

Throughout the program there will be some think tank time, note taking, and thought provoking sessions. You may choose to not participate or share your thoughts. Both are OK.

When: Tues 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st March & Tues. 14th, 21st, 28th April & Tues. 26th May & Tues. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd June 2015
23rd June 2015.

Location 134 Durham Road, Sunshine
Time 6pm—8.30pm (supper include)
Investment $550 (inc. GST)


  • Supper
  • Workbook
  • Gift pack
  • And a very passionate presenter.

Join me and share some of our 86,400 seconds together.

Find happiness in every moment
Sandi Rogers
Speaker with a difference

I have attended many of Sandi’s presentations and have never been disappointed. Cannot wait for the next one.
Jean Hoppers Crossing Vic

Who cannot be invigorated listening to Sandi’s pearls of wisdom delivered with ultimate passion, punch and pizzazz as only Sandi can? A lady of real integrity, courage and knowledge. An ATMS diamond!!!”.
ATMS member

“I have attended several life coaching programmes, however, have never received such a passionate, enthusiastic or well informed presentation”.
ATMS member

12 week course, supper, gift pack, workbook, lots of fun, great learning and life changing information that is offered in a caring and respectful environment.
Phone: 9312 5573
Fax: 93113501
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