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Tame the Stress Beast

Our natural medicine workshops will help you energise, lose weight and save money.

We will teach you how to manage your stress by covering:

  • Make a difference to every one of your 86.400 seconds that tick by each and every day
  • What is emotional baggage and what can you do about it?
  • Glandular health
  • Stress affects every cell of your entire body – why and how?
  • My 4 point plan can put YOU in the driving seat of YOUR life
  • Basics to mindfulness without the GURU stuff
  • Foods that can be settling
  • Foods that can be stimulating
  • Insomnia and problems
  • Foods that MUST be avoided
  • Role of herbal teas in healing – how to make and when to use

The half-day workshop is packed with powerful insights and practical tools to help you better manage your health and well-being through the use of folk medicines.

Tame the Stress Beast workshop for just $55

Don’t miss out, tickets are limited.

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