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Success Stories

Louise Grills, PA to President & CEO (Foster’s Group)

“The sessions you have had with the Exec. PA Team have made an enormous difference to their outlook, ability to deal with stressful situations, ability to work as a team and have generally set the scene in the office in stimulating a more positive and directed workplace. Everyone has benefited from this “growth”, and I’m sure it has had a very worthwhile impact on the personal lives, as well as in their work lives, of the whole team.”

Claude Bury, President (Rotary Club of Laverton)

“Judging by all the comments during and after the evening, you were by far the most popular speaker we have had in many years. A visiting President from another Club posed the question – “how can we top that”. The answer of course, is – he can’t!” “…you will go down as a colourful, humorous speaker, whose interaction with her audience was something to see.”

Beverley Williams, Liaison Officer (Well Persons Club)

“The feedback I received from the members present was very positive, your talk was very informative and well received, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended.”

Patricia Tanner, President (Reflexology Association of California)

“On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Reflexology Association of California and our members, I would like to thank you for a wonderful presentation and thought-provoking experience…” “We truly appreciate your willingness to persevere and come all the way from Australia…”

Bill Horsfall, Manager, Continuing Education, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (Vic Branch)

“I have used your services to present to pharmacists on a number of occasions and find your information to be well balanced with good evidence for advice you give…at all these events the evaluations by pharmacists have been very positive, particularly appreciating how you promote pharmacy and for clients to consult pharmacists about any medication problems which might relate to combining herbal and/or nutritional products with prescription or non-prescription medicines”.

Jennifer Mereitt (Connecting Conferences)

“Ms Rogers captivates her audience with warmth, humour and charm. Participants walk away feeling energised, motivated and inspired.”

Kerrie Lee Gisborne Victoria

I have been a client of Sandi’s for over 30 years. Sandis wealth of knowledge about everything to do with health and well being is phenomenal. As you can imagine over 30 years there have been many health challenges I have had to face and at every turn Sandi has been there to guide me through with holistic natural medicine. Her genuine care and support along with her practical advice has been a shining light for me. She sees you as a whole person and not just another patient! She gives her all to get you back onto the path of good health and wellbeing. Thank you Sandi for all that you have done and still do in guiding me through these last 30 years and more. The best is yet to come!

Mary Ellis Woodend Victoria

I have been following Sandi’s down to earth wellbeing recovery recipes for 40 years. They have been so helpful to my entire family. We are blessed to have her as our family natural medicine practitioner’ Thank you Sandi for all that you have done and still do in guiding me through these last 30 years and more. The best is yet to come!

Timhah Sandos Mumbai, India

Sandi is a great practitioner. We have 3 monthly consultations with her to keep on top of our wellbeing. She has so many food as medicine recipes and she educates up to have treatments in our own hands. We call from Mumbai and it is just great to have her ‘on our team’ as my wife says

Dot Sloan Victoria

I have turned 100 and have had Sandi as my natural therapist for over 25 years. She is so helpful. We have lovely conversations and I feel so nurtured by her’

Sue Ellis Sacremento, USA

Sandi is unique as her focus is on listening and then clearly explaining her rationale for her prescriptions. I particularly like the way she considers food as medicine first, before reaching for medications. Not only does this save me money, it educates me to know how to self manage my health

Peter McMahon Sunshine Victoria

I met Sandi at one of her talks through Probus. She was such a fun speaker. Her topic was how to stop spending money on pills and potions. I was eager to become a client and when a vacancy arose I was so happy to have an appointment. That was 15 years ago. I have 3 appointments a year to stay on track. So happy to have Sandi

Jean Hoppers Crossing Vic

I have attended many of Sandi’s presentations and have never been disappointed. Cannot wait for the next one.

ATMS member

Who cannot be invigorated listening to Sandi’s pearls of wisdom delivered with ultimate passion, punch and pizzazz as only Sandi can? A lady of real integrity, courage and knowledge. An ATMS diamond!!!.

ATMS member

I have attended several life coaching programmes, however, have never received such a passionate, enthusiastic or well informed presentation.

Alan Lee

I feel privileged to provide a professional testimony for Dr Sandi Rogers. Sandi has been my main health and wellness advisor for well over 30 years and has seen me through various stages of my life, particularly during the extremely highly stressful years as a Chief Executive Officer and subsequently as I established my own business and ultimately moved to semi-retirement. In truth, my life has probably been beyond the spectrum of most wage & salary earners, particularly with the intense pressure that I’ve been under for most of my working life, constantly working more than 100 hours per week, week after week. Through all the stress & its negative impacts on my body, Sandi has supported and nurtured my health. On many occasions, she got me through very difficult personal times and the resultant negative impacts on my health. I admire Sandi and her depth of knowledge, her ability, her wisdom, her caring attitude, her discernment, her depth of understanding, and her brilliance in all her approach to holistic medicine. Throughout the decades Sandi has worked with me, her whole emphasis has only ever been what is best for me, what is best for my health, and how to get my body through whatever it is that I’m forcing it to tackle at the moment. Her practical and pragmatic advice has been invaluable. Every consultation with Sandi is unique and based on what my needs are right now and what these are likely to be in the short, medium, and longer term. The only way I can describe her care is - wisely brilliant. Thank you Sandi for all your care and wisdom in looking after me for more than 3 decades. I express my heartfelt thanks.