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3 letters, 2 words can make a lot of difference to how you feel!

stressWords are so powerful aren’t they? We react to words each and every day. We interpret what people say either in the negative or in the positive. One common word is stress and so often used by so many.

My mission is to actually have the word stress removed from the English language and only have it used as an engineering term because that is where it is relevant. Having said that many people use it as a common way of describing their emotions when they feel overwhelmed, out of control and unable to cope with situation/s.

Words play a major role in these events and if we could change some of the negative words into positive ones, this simple replacement can bring on a new and exciting way of looking at life events as they come your way.


This one little 3 letter word has so much power over events and by changing this one 3 letter word to another more powerful one life can become somewhat different.

Let us think about this for one moment. When and how do we use the word BUT (not referring to the rear end now). We may say I would love to come out for dinner but I have so many things I have to do so I think I will have to leave it. Negative; right?

Now let us replace the BUT and add AND to this same situation. I would love to come out for dinner AND although I have so many things I will re-arrange and get there. Positive; right?

Now as you say the word BUT in a sentence do you feel the STOP (it feels like you have nowhere to go, don’t you whereas when you say AND it flows and leads to positive; mostly.

If you are in a habit of saying BUT a lot then stop and repeat the sentence and replace BUT with AND; see how that feels.

Often we use the term but when we are actually wanting to say no and looking for excuses. Retraining our use of words can be so therapeutic, no pill required to feel better just a change of one little 3 letter word with another 3 letter word. Too easy?  Maybe however try it and let me know what you think

Dr Sandi Rogers ED.D., N.D

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