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A Healing food that offers extraordinary benefits

Healing Super FoodsIn this day and age, we hear of superfoods and see regularly in the marketplace the use of the word ‘natural’ designed to sell a product.

There are foods that are wonderful and healing and can be so useful in assisting the body to achieve a sense of wellbeing. That’s right: a food, not a product.

The superfood we are talking about today will be revealed shortly; read on.

This particular food offers itself as whole food. I define that term to mean the entire product has healing benefits. So let us take a look at the separate parts.

No jumping ahead now read on and be surprised.


The flesh is delicious and enriched with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants making it a powerhouse of protective nutrients. These nutrients support every cell in the body and every system AND due to it tasting really good this product is a winner for all people of all ages.


Many products find the seeds to be discarded and this product is no different, however the seeds are a great source of healing specifically for liver and kidney health. I have found drying them and then powdering them down and adding the powder to a juice or mixed through a salad is a great way of adding them to the diet.


The skin of the plant is another throw away product yet once applied to the skin it becomes very soothing and settling for dry and irritated skin. Massage it over the body in the shower and allow a rinse off using warm water is an effective use of it.


I was introduced to the healing benefits of this product by a very old man who came to Australia in the early 1990’s. He was a practising Ayurvedic practitioner (Indian Medicine). He swore by it and I started recommending the juicing of the leaves and adding to other juices such as carrot and apple to many clients for the management of liver complaints, skin conditions, fatigue and hair thinning conditions. The treatment produced significant results for many people and I still recommend this wonderful treatment today. You can source dried leaves and powder on the internet. I like to use Australian producers as I know the quality is there.

So what is this product?

Papaya - the healing superfoodPapaya is the food. So seek out papaya and start adding it into to your daily life. You may have to source the leaves from growers and you have all the rest of the product when you buy the fruit. You can get yellow and red. Store the fruit in the crisper section of the fridge.

So there you go who would have thought that a great tasting food can be so good for you.




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