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Common cold meets common sense

Are you preparing for the winter months by purchasing a bucket load of Vitamin C, Echinacea, Soldier on formulas promising to have you INVINCIBLE to the ravages of winter and the many other products promising to have you beat the common cold?

Do you recall you did this let year and the year before and the year before that?

Oh, you forgot about that, did you? And to top it all off you still got sick! Bugger!

Don’t feel too bad as many people do just that; they forget they did all that in previous years, spent a huge amount of money and still had to take to their beds as they were caught by the mangy germs that are floating all around us.

Folks that is why I wrote my Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine book as I wanted to save people from buying so many pills and potions that do not actually do a lot if that is all you do.

You see so many of my clients with whom I have had the honour of treating, constantly asked why I did not have a book as the suggestions I applied in clinic actually worked and were very cost effective.

So I set about to put the information into books to help as many people as possible. From there I was invited to go and give talks to groups to help even more people and in addition writing these blogs further enhance those objectives as more and more people can get this information for FREE through these pages.

Well what were the key points I offered in clinic as winter protections and immune supporting options?

Basically common sense is needed. The following points are tips to guide you through illness prevention and what to do if you get caught out. Simple steps in point form without any waffling is on offer here:

  1. As you mingle in any area where humans gather such as picture theatre, supermarket, shopping centres that are all enclosed with air-conditioner’s,  on aircraft or on a ship; get the picture?  carry and use eucalyptus wet ones. You do this yourself.
    How I can hear you ask! Simply purchase a large container of wet ones. Remove the lid and add a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil (making sure it is good quality and pure) to the container.
    Close the lid and leave to absorb for a few hours. Now take out and place in several zip lock bags and put in your bag, your car and anything else you can think of as it is absolutely imperative you do not get caught without some on hand.
    Now as you enter any of the above locations or for that matter anywhere you find people, take a wet one, breathe in the eucalyptus and then blow your nose and repeat regularly.
  2. Wash your hands with soapy water when handling money or using public toilets or going into public areas where humans gather. I know I can hear you say ‘but what if there is no water’? No problem, as you do have your wet-ones, right! Use that – fantastic.
  3. Keep well hydrated as a well-hydrated body is a healthy body. In the cooler months, I know you will say ‘but I do not like cold drinks in winter’ have it warm. Purchase a thermos that is easy to carry as there are many on the market and are easy to carry and you then have no excuse.
  4. Eat well and avoid sugary and fatty foods. Increase onions, garlic and spices is a good start and add citrus and kiwi fruit.
  5. Drink warm to hot drinks across the day and start to make my immune tea of which my clients swear by. The following recipe has been given out at my talks, on talkback radio, on television and has received overwhelming acclaim.

Immune tea simply requires

½ orange finely sliced with peel on

1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger

2 teabags (allow to draw in 500mls of boiling water, common black tea is fine)

1 tablespoon of honey (optional)

add together, strain and drink.

Good to put in a thermos and have over the day. Can be made in a large coffee plunger and then you can separate the product from the liquid although I usually just remove the teabags as they do not taste that good and leave everything else in and eat as I go.

So folks, start to take control and use folk medicine and find the joy in making your own medicine to treat and prevent common conditions, especially the common cold.

Until next time, find happiness in every moment


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