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How to get some bounce in your step

Get bounce in your stepPlease raise your hand if you are feeling as though you simply cannot get that vim back in your life or bounce in your step, tired and listless most of the time, struggling with high cholesterol. Plainly just feeling yuk!

As your body struggles to move you through the day each step seems like an eternity (maybe not that bad) yet you get my drift. It all seems so daunting to try and fix it as you had blood tests and they all came back clear except for elevated cholesterol. Sound familiar?

Well help is on the way for you to revive and rejuvenate. It does not have to be costly by going to a retreat or taking a magical new potion found in some obscure corner of the planet taking the world by storm. With the right combinations you can be well on your way to a new and vibrant you! Are you ready to be blown away by the simple yet very effective answer? Let’s go

The answer lies in ancient medicine and has supported world communities forever and continues today. Spices are the solution and by utilizing them therapeutically you can be well on your way to recover but first you must follow a few basic tips. These are:







  1. Hydrate the body by sipping water regularly across the day. Use the 30ml to 1kg of body weight rule. Without good hydration nothing will happen
  2. Be positive and clear negative thinking as that can drag you down. Join my Tame the Stress Beast webinar series to get on top of stress
  3. Take sugar and highly processed foods out of the diet
  4. Now start to enter these magical foods to the diet and if you do not like the taste fortunately for you they come in capsules. OK I can hear you are getting impatient.



  • Cayenne
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

Into the diet on a daily basis. You can add to food or take in capsule form as recommended on the bottle; however the combinations of these spices offer exceptional healing benefits. Eating Indian food is also very beneficial.

Adding these healing foods they act as a tonic, however if you are not used to having spicy food start on a very low dose and build up as you go.

Making the link with hydration and the healing ability of these spices modern research supports the claim that these products are superfoods and outstanding for the body particularly if you are struggling to engage energy and get more bounce in your step.


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