Reflexognosy – A shift in Paradigm


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Written by Sandi Rogers with Christine Issel.


This book takes foot therapy into a new dimension. The feet offer the most powerful physiological response to healing and the practitioners who have entered the profession of reflexognosy are finding the clinical experience very rewarding.

The basis to the discipline works on the premise that as structural deviations from normalcy occurs within the feet there will be changes affecting each and every part of the body. The professional reflexognosists will assess these deviations and conduct treatments on the legs and feet to provide balance.

Reflexognosy is gaining in popularity as clients feel the dynamic benefits associated with having treatments on their legs and feet.

The textbook is the first release to introduce this exciting discipline. The developer of the discipline, Sandi Rogers worked with Christine Issel to develop this text in order the community and other practitioners can be introduced to the discipline.

The chapters detail important subjects that are associated with the philosophy of complementary medicine and broaden discussion pertaining to the theoretical base of foot work. Exciting and stimulating subjects pertaining to energy medicine are included, as these subjects are relevant to the new century and the emerging biomedical model we are witnessing.

New disciplines do not happen every day and to participate in this therapy is exciting and challenging. Ongoing research is taking place, which will further validate this discipline.

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