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Revive your skin

Revive your skin

STOP wasting YOUR hard-earned money on jars of creams, lotions and the latest FAD product before following  4 basic steps to revive your skin

Coming in as the largest organ of the body in size and weight, the skin is often mistreated as treatments are applied are often topical which totally misses the mark. The ‘stuff’ you can buy for the skin is unbelievable and made even more so as so many of the products actually harm the skin, while many others achieve nothing; except to make you poorer.

Often care for the skin is in the name of beauty, not vital to wellbeing as it should be. Walls are covered in so many stores with all the beauty products promising so much and delivering so little. Many are sold in very expensive bottles, in fact the bottle in many cases costs more than the actual product, but hey we have to have that product standing out so the consumer feels they are buying that very ‘special’ product that will work this time! Oh dear let us see if we can come with something better.

Big organ, big job

The skin has an enormous job to do.  Protection from the harsh environment stops all the inner stuff from falling out (that is important), regulation of temperature through sweat glands, prevents loss of body fluids, protects us from harsh toxins that are in the environment, through the sweat glands toxins are excreted via the skin.

Totally reliant on the function of a vital organ

Your skin is a reflection on the function of the internal organs mainly the bowel and the liver and also how hydrated you are. Of course, these facts are not included in the information for the products you purchase as this disclosure may actually have you think about how to treat your skin and you may even move away from the products that promise the world and deliver very little.

So enough of ‘having a go’ at the marketing gurus let us move into a positive area. What can you do to help your skin? One important point to offer as we lead into action is your skin is constantly changing;  old cells dying off and new ones regenerating and that is a positive. So what you have today may not be what you have tomorrow with a little care.

4 simple tips to help

  1. Bowel regularity is a must. Ensure your bowel is assisting to eliminate toxins from the body. Regularity is essential. If you are constipated then start to include Water Soluble fibre. This can be achieved through eating fresh foods in the form of fruits and vegetables. The fibre is important so make sure the food is ripe. Pears and apples are a great source of water soluble fibre as well as grated raw carrot and lightly steamed green veggies. Of course, there are many more yet these are a good place to start.
  2. Hydrate by sipping water regularly across the day, every day. Sipping is important so as not to overload the kidneys and bladder. Slowly does it! This allows for moistening to take place from inside out.
  3. Cleanse the skin by exfoliating. A really good exfoliator to lift the dead cells and revive the skin is to make your very own. Take 500gms of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Blend the rind of 1 lemon and add the juice to the oil and add 100gms of raw sugar. Massage this blend all over the body lightly rubbing. Best to do in the shower to avoid a big mess. Then wash off under warm not hot water.
  4. Adding a daily vegetable based sorbalene is good to include in your daily ablutions, however make sure that your skin is slightly moist as moisture attracts moisture. Putting moisturiser on dry skin will not penetrate as well as if you have moist skin to start with.

So a little common sense, think about the skin as the powerful organ it is and support the body to help it provide you with the protection it deserves. Adding these few tips have made such a difference to many of my clients lives that I want to share these tips with you.

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