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Suffering with bloating? Let us explore what may help

bloating1After you eat are you uncomfortable and do your clothes feel tight? Does gas build up and until that is released the pain continues? Well let us go straight to the answer. The products to consider for bloating are:

  • Charcoal
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint or mint
  • Grated apple

This list offers outstanding relief so let me introduce you to these wonderful medicines.


Charcoal will absorb the gas, binding the offending chemicals and help settle the uncomfortable feeling that is linked to the gas, causing abdominal distention. Bio-activated charcoal is a commonly available product. One outstanding feature of charcoal, and one I have witnessed the outstanding effects of is in the management of food poisoning. The ability of charcoal to absorb toxins is very beneficial, in fact it’s the treatment of choice.

In the management of gastro-intestinal upset bio-activated charcoals has no peer really; however what is constantly overlooked is the effect this product has on lowering LDL and triglycerides (cholesterol, the bad guys). Due to the ability charcoal has on the absorption of compounds in the blood stream bad cholesterol may be lowered.


Ginger is a medicine that is either enjoyed or not. There does not seem to be a middle ground, at least amongst my clients. However if you have digestive dysfunction even the smallest amount can start the healing process. Finely grate a tiny, or larger amount if you like it, as it can be very settling. The warming effect throughout the digestive tract feels good. If you have never tried ginger then start by having very small amounts. Therapeutically ginger is an outstanding all round good guy.


Peppermint taken as a tea can soothe and settle the digestive system as it balances the tract. The warming and settling effect it provides is a feel good medicine. Peppermint can be taken as fresh leaves added to salads or eaten separately, a tea and or blended with ginger. Start growing peppermint or common mint to aid digestion. You do not have to have something wrong to enjoy peppermint.

Grated apple

The old adage An apple a day keeps the doctor away is certainly a truism. Apples are impressive as a medicine and invaluable if the tummy is upset for any reason. It is good to grate the apple to allow faster absorption. In combination with the foods in this article the results are astounding. Many times when you have an upset tummy you do not feel like eating, you lose your appetite, Yes? Well grated apple is a refreshing tonic due to the wonderful minerals and vitamins AND soothing and settling. The grating makes it easier to eat if you have that digestive upset as the molecules are already broken down for you.

So to conclude, books are written on the healing benefits of each of these items and this blog is an introduction for you to start using them, either in combination or as individual medicines. Either way start to feel the healing power of foods as medicine.

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