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The Digestive system and the perils of constipation. 5 tips to help!

Digestive systemAssimilation and elimination of foods assure a healthy balance as the body processes nutrients and eliminates the waste by-products. If the body is congested the toxins build up and changes take place,  that may be quite adverse to the entire body including major organs such as heart and liver.

Useful remedies to consider

  1. A combination of the very best remedies is the use of
  • grated carrot
  • grated apple
  • lemon juice

This trilogy of foods, used as medicine has produced outstanding results, observed over many years in clinical practice.

  1. Adding quality plain non–flavoured yoghurt can also aid the friendly flora of the gut to balance as constipation and digestive disorders are linked and the solution is in the balance of the flora.
  2. If your liver needs assistance then add some grated fresh, NOT TINNED beetroot.
  3. Another product that is of benefit is potato and peppermint tea. Simply peel one potato, juice it and add a strong peppermint tea. This blend is a wonderful digestive aid. Folk medicine at work here.
  4. In addition, one overlooked remedy is common water. Sipping water to hydrate the body can be very effective.

 Sipping is the key.

The key to well-being is water as it is important for all body systems and we now know from research that dehydration adversely affects every body system.

Why sipping vs. get it over in one hit? Hydration vs. flushing is the answer and of major importance to consider on our quest to wellbeing recovery.

  1. Digestion and acidic response to food may require dietary considerations; however adding another great natural FOLK MEDICINE product, Apple Cider Vinegar is still one of the very best aids to digestion as well as offering many other wellbeing benefits.

So try some or all of these products and allow some time for them to work as natural medicines heal and restore the body.


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