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Top 10 tips to win the battle this winter

Take control of your immune system and win the winter battleTake control of your immune system and fight off ills and chills, naturally and effectively with my top 10 recommendations.

Food is very effective as medicine and when analysed for nutritional and healing elements, good quality food never comes up short. For 40,000 years foods and herbs were the mainstay that kept communities alive and this continues today. Now that IS scientific don’t you think?

Prevention is preferred when it comes to ills and chills that can affect us all through the year yet as we enter the cooler months the marketing gurus commence the hype to purchase pills and potions.

The costs to be considered when it comes to the plethora of pills and potions available under the heading of natural medicine do not produce the response required. Often these remedies are synthetic and are far from natural; but the public swarm to them like bees to honey. Why? My clients tell me it is because they want to take something natural and to avoid pharmaceuticals that will often have side-effects and not to get a cold, if at all possible. Maybe that is why so many pharmacies today stock natural medicine as the consumer seeks safer options, yet these medications are often costly.

In fairness there are many pharmaceutical drugs that are actually needed by some people and they do save lives. The trick is to know when to take pharmaceuticals yet making choices around foods on a daily basis, that will assist the body to be prepared for the weather changes and the viruses that may attack us is what I will discuss.

The following 10 tips have been recommended as they are the top 10 that has offered healing to a wide range of clients. Through their feedback and comments by readers of my book Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine I am confident to offer them to you and look forward to you sharing this material with as many people as you can because the reason I write this information is to help as many people as I possibly can.

1.     Ensure your diet is full of nutrients

‘By ensuring you have a good diet …’  How many times have you heard that sentence and wondered ‘what on earth is a good diet’? That is a very good question. My response ‘simply add foods that are fresh’.  Use the old Adam and Eve trick. If Adam and Eve could eat it then you should eat it. Good quality fresh foods where man has had little intervention is a starting point. The more man has had to do with it the less you have. A few other tips are:

  1. The more colourful the food the better
  2. The more bland the colour the less you eat
  3. Include high protein, low fat
  4. Include complex carbohydrates in the form of fruit and vegetables
  5. Decrease simple carbohydrates in the form of white flour and sugar
  6. Increase hydration by sipping water throughout the day
  7. Eat oily fish to build the Omega – 3 fats in the diet
  8. Eat a range of seeds and nuts
  9. Eat pumpkin seeds for the zinc levels to support the immune system
  10. Increase vitamin levels of A – C – E through foods such as vegetables and fruit including leafy greens, sweet potato, asparagus, carrot, lemons, currents and apples.


2.     Apple

Apple is an excellent product to consider when wishing to protect the immune system and to put up a good fight when those nasty viruses are around. Apple can be consumed whole, grated, blitzed or juiced. Apple is a remarkable medicine as it offers so much healing. Be sure to include the peel.

3.     Roasted Lemon & orange with a touch of honey

Lemon and orange offer nutritionals that are powerful healers and are actually quite delicious. It is important to include the peel as hidden away within the peel are healing elements. The best way to use these products is:

Roast a whole lemon until soft and then blend (peel and all). Allow to cool

Blend a whole orange and combine the orange and the lemon. To these add 1 tablespoon of honey.

Take 2 tablespoons of the combined orange, lemon and honey and place in a small tea cup and add boiling water. Sip and eat all the little healthy bits.

Assists to soothe the throat and helps to overcome a common cold.

4.     Immune tea

For many years I have been offering my Immune Tea to clients, viewers and listeners to the many programs I am privileged to work on. This tea may be used to prevent and or treat the common cold. It may be taken every day and in fact is seen as a wonderful tonic. Many clients make up a thermos and take to work. It is a pleasant tasting tea and one you can vary depending on your taste buds.

1 lemon finely sliced (include the peel)

1 orange finely sliced (include the peel)

2 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger

2 tea bags (black)

Put 2 tea bags in a large coffee plunger

¾ fill with boiling water

Add sliced orange and lemon

Allow to draw for approximately 20 minutes

Add honey to taste (optional)

Pour into a thermos or refrigerate and heat as required, ensuring you add some of the solid matter into each cup dose. Take throughout the day.


5.     Wet ones + eucalyptus

This tip moves away from the foods as medicine for a moment. It is essential you kill off viruses and one of the best ways to do this is to purchase some wet ones and add eucalyptus oil. To a large container pf wet ones add 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus oil. Close the lid and carry some with you in a ziplock bag. Use to wipe handles, wipe hands after handling money, use to breathe in eucalyptus if travelling on public transport or in an environment where someone has a virus. This works fantastically.

6.     Honey and black pepper

In my new book Household Remedies one of the most popular remedies reported by clients is the very simple and old remedy; black pepper and honey. Simply take 1 teaspoon of honey and grate a small amount of black pepper over the honey and eat. Do this every few hours to manage a sore throat or to help ward off a cold.

7.     Radish, apples and black currents

I was introduced to this combination by a very elderly client who offered; her mother used this and she has used it for over 50 years with great success. Of course we have the opportunity to simply make the juice using a blender or juicer. In her early days it was grated and squeezed. Very easy for us today.

Simply place 2 tablespoons of black currents (out of the packet is OK) and add 50mls of water and leave to draw overnight. You can do more at one time, then juice or blend 3 radishes and 1 apple. Add to the juice of blended liquid the total water and currents.

Then drink and eat the lot. This is a great remedy and does not taste too bad.


8.     Apple and Onion

Well, when you are really crook and want to soothe a sore throat that feels like you have swallowed a packet of razor blades then this remedy is just for you. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, yet when you are really crook you will often try anything and this one is fabulous.

Juice 3 apples include the peel

Juice ¼ of an onion (any colour)

Drink. You may like to cool it a little particularly if the throat is hot and inflamed. This remedy has been used for more than 3 decades in a clinic and works very well.

9.     Foods to avoid

It is very important to avoid foods that do not support the immune system. These are sugar, bad fats and white flour products. Avoiding these foods and ensuring you build up on the highly nutritious foods you are well on your way to being in charge of your body and able to put up a good fight against the viral invaders.

10.  Rest and do not spread around

In this day and age of ‘all things fast and furious, it is important to pace yourself AND if you do happen to catch a virus take the time to rest and stay at home. Please avoid spreading it around and do not soldier on contaminating everyone who comes onto your path.

By taking the time to rest and recuperate your recovery time will in fact be much shorter and you will not be infecting everyone.


In conclusion the 10 tips offered here incorporate a range of products and also some basic tips that are often not written about, yet are very important when wanting to do the best for your immune system after all is has a big job to do protecting and supporting each and every cell.

Until next time

Find happiness in every moment

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